About RoseSuds

Veronica is from Sydney, Australia and has been living in Williamsburg, NY for 3 years.  Veronica was previously a First Class Flight Attendant for Emirates Airlines and after living and being based in Dubai for 5 years she thought that when her and her husband moved to the US, she would start to work on dreaming up an idea based around her love of roses.  This is when RoseSuds was created.  ‘Rosebuds that turn to soap suds!’

A new Mom with a new business, her husband and son have been helping her set up markets including the world renowned Atrist&Fleas in Soho and Williamsbug.  RoseSuds ‘Pick-a-Petal’ Soaps flew off the shelves at her first two markets, completely selling out and the demand for RoseSuds has been blooming ever since.

Wanting to creating something that is beautifully practical and smells amazing, RoseSuds products really do make the perfect gift for every special occasion.

Only quality ingredients and the finest oils are used when creating RoseSuds… and this is why customers keep on coming back for more!  


Veronica – RoseSuds  Founder


Veronica’s Family – RoseSuds biggest fans!